Thee Magnets, a four piece combo from Porto in Portugal. Organ, Bass, Drums and Vocals. Uptempo Psych Garage Rock’n’Roll. With the primeval sounds of garage rock’n’roll running through their veins, from the 50’s pioneers through the psychedelic 60’s to the uncompromising 70’s explosion, Thee Magnets play a seminal sound, true to the rebellious and uncompromising spirit of celebration and energy of rock’n’roll.

Thee Magnets, um quarteto do Porto com Órgão, Baixo, Bateria e Voz. Uptempo Psych Garage Rock’n’Roll. Trazendo nas veias os sons primordiais do rock’n’roll de garagem, desde os pioneiros dos anos 50 ao psicadelismo dos anos 60 até à explosão descomprometida dos anos 70, os Magnets fazem um rock seminal, fiel ao espírito de rebeldia, inconformismo, festa e energia do Rock’n’Roll.

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